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The Whitmee Family Page

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 In the year 1763(we think) Samuel Whitmee was born to James & Marina Whitmee from Olney in the county of Buckinghamshire he married Anne Collins in 1800 at Wadenhoe in Northamptonshire where they had six children, Mary born 1800, Samuel born 1801, John born 1803, Benjamin born 1805, Charles born 1807, William, born 1809.
Mary was born at Wadenhoe in 1800 she married on the 9th of August 1818 to John Chapman born 27.05.1798 they had 9 children at Gretton Nhants and after his death in 1840 she and 3 of her children emigrated to Bathurst nsw Australia.
Samuel was born at Wadenhoe in 1801 he married on the 6th of May 1827 to Hannah Crowson they had five children at Gretton Northants.
John was born at Wadenhoe in 1803 died in London 1883 he married on the 3rd of April 1831 in London to Ann Fielding they had four children , his son William Fielding Whitmee emigrated to Australia 
Benjamin was born at Wadenhoe in 1805 he married Sarah Cox no more known at the moment.
Charles was born at Wadenhoe in 1807 he married in 1852 to Eliza Wooley
They had eight children three where born at Gretton the other five where born in Australia.
William was born at Wadenhoe in 1809 he married Edith Caster they did not have any children.